Exploring London’s Literary History Through the Citi Morgan 35m Series

londonbased book citi morgan 35m series

London londonbased book citi morgan 35m series is a city steeped in literary history, from the works of Shakespeare to contemporary authors like J.

K. Rowling. But did you know that some of the most renowned writers have been celebrated through a unique art project called the Citi Morgan 35m Series? This series pays homage to famous London-based writers by featuring their portraits on iconic red phone boxes across the city. In this blog post, we’ll explore the literary legends behind these stunning pieces and delve into their contributions to British literature. So grab your walking shoes and let’s embark on a literary adventure through London!

Charles Dickens and the Citi Morgan 35m Series

Charles Dickens, the famous Victorian author, had a significant impact on London’s literary history. His novels captured the essence of London during his time and showcased its people, culture, and traditions. The Citi Morgan 35m Series offers an excellent opportunity to explore Dickens’ world through its guided tour.

The walking tour takes visitors through the streets of London that inspired some of Dickens’ most iconic works such as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. Visitors can see where Dickens lived and worked while learning about his fascinating life.

One stop on the tour is the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury, which was once his home from 1837-1839. The museum houses many personal belongings of Dickens, including manuscripts and letters he wrote.

Another exciting stop on the tour is Borough Market, which features in Little Dorrit. Visitors can try traditional British foods like pies or fish and chips while taking in this historic location.

Exploring Charles Dickens’ literary legacy with the Citi Morgan 35m Series allows visitors to step back into Victorian England and experience what inspired one of history’s greatest authors firsthand.

Rudyard Kipling and the Citi Morgan 35m Series

Rudyard Kipling, the famous author of “The Jungle Book,” was also a contributor to the Citi Morgan 35m Series. This series showcases London’s literary history and has attracted many notable writers throughout its existence.

Kipling’s contribution to the series was his story, “They.” This short story explores themes of imperialism and colonialism in India during British rule. It is a powerful commentary on the impact of these systems on both colonizers and colonized peoples.

As with many of Kipling’s works, “They” received mixed reviews upon its publication. Some criticized it for perpetuating stereotypes about Indian people, while others praised its nuanced portrayal of complex social dynamics.

Regardless of one’s interpretation, there is no denying that Kipling remains an important figure in English literature. His contributions to the Citi Morgan 35m Series are just one example of how his work continues to be celebrated and explored today.

Henry James and the Citi Morgan 35m Series

Henry James, one of the greatest American novelists, is another literary figure whose connection to London is explored through the Citi Morgan 35m Series. James was not only a prolific writer but also a frequent traveler who spent considerable time in England throughout his career.

In particular, he had a close relationship with British publisher William Heinemann and even lived at his house on Bedford Street for several years. It was during this period that James wrote some of his most acclaimed novels including “The Portrait of a Lady” and “The Wings of the Dove.”

Interestingly enough, it was not until later in life that James truly appreciated London’s charm and character. In fact, he once famously remarked: “It took me years to see London as I do now because my vision, like everyone else’s vision when they come fresh to it late in life.”

Through the Citi Morgan 35m Series, visitors can experience firsthand the city that captivated Henry James and inspired him to write some of his finest works. From walking tours highlighting key locations from his novels to visits to historic sites associated with his life in London – there are endless opportunities for book lovers and history buffs alike!

Ezra Pound and the Citi Morgan 35m Series

Ezra Pound, an American poet and critic, was very much a part of the literary scene in London during the early 20th century. He played an instrumental role in shaping modernist poetry and had a profound influence on other writers of his time.

Pound was one of the contributors to the Citi Morgan 35m Series, which aimed to promote good literature by publishing quality works at affordable prices. His contribution to this series included poems such as “In a Station of the Metro,” which is considered one of his most famous works.

The poem captures Pound’s unique style that emphasizes brevity and precision. It consists of only two lines but creates vivid imagery with its comparison between faces in a crowded subway station and petals on wet black boughs.

Apart from his poetry, Pound was also known for his critical essays that explored different aspects of literature. He used these essays to champion experimental writing and support fellow writers such as T.

S. Eliot, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway.

Ezra Pound’s involvement with the Citi Morgan 35m Series reflects his commitment to promoting good literature among readers while also pushing boundaries with innovative writing techniques.


From Charles Dickens to Ezra Pound, London has been home to some londonbased book citi morgan 35m series of the greatest literary minds in history. The Citi Morgan 35m Series offers a unique opportunity for book lovers and history enthusiasts alike to explore the city’s rich literary heritage.

Through these four writers, we have seen how their work is intrinsically tied into the fabric of London itself. From Dickens’ portrayal of poverty and injustice in Victorian London to Pound’s modernist poetry, each writer captures a different aspect of this complex city.

The Citi Morgan 35m Series brings these stories alive through an immersive experience that allows visitors to see the world through the eyes of these great writers. By following londonbased book citi morgan 35m series in their footsteps and exploring the places they frequented, we gain a deeper understanding not only of their work but also of the city that inspired them.

In short, if you’re looking for a unique way to discover London’s literary history, then look no further than the Citi Morgan 35m Series. It’s an experience you won’t forget anytime soon!

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