Look out for Austinbased Disco 40M 235M 785M

Austinbased Disco 40M 235M 785M

Are Austinbased Disco 40M 235M 785M you ready to groove and boogie with some electrifying disco beats? Look no further, because the Austin-based band Disco 40M 235M 785M is here to turn up the funk! They’ve been making waves in the music scene with their infectious tunes that will keep you dancing all night long. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to discover why this band is a must-see live act. Get ready for a musical journey like no other!

Disco 40M

Disco M M M is an Austin-based electronic music collective that fuses disco, funk, and soul into its eclectic sound. Formed in 2009 by DJs Michael “Disco M” Moreno, Miguel “Miguelito” Gonzalez, and Michael Kucharski, the group has since released several albums and EPs on labels like Crosstown Rebels Records and Ministry of Sound. With hits like “Keep on Movin'” and “The Funk Is Real,” Disco M M M is set to continue its dancefloor dominance in years to come.


Austin’s Disco M M M is a band that fuses disco with electronica and synth-pop. The band’s debut EP, “Don’t Worry,” was released in March 2018 and showcases the group’s unique sound. TheEP includes five songs that showcase Disco M M M’s unique take on disco music.

Disco M M M started as a solo project by singer/songwriter Sachi Chansiri. In 2017, she decided to form a band and recruited musicians to help record her debut EP, “Don’t Worry.” The EP features four tracks written by Sachi and one track written by lead guitarist Nico Cepeda. “Don’t Worry” was released in March 2018 and quickly garnered acclaim from music critics.

Disco M M M’s sound is a merging of disco with electronica and synth-pop. The group takes inspiration from artists like Blondie, Donna Summer, Gwen Stefani, and Britney Spears. Their debut EP features five songs that showcase their unique sound: “Don’t Worry,” “Shake It Out,” “Keep On Movin’,” “Swear It All,” and “Caught In the Middle.” Each song is different but all share the same element of disco fused with modern synthesizers and beats.

The EP is an enjoyable listen that will appeal to fans of both old-school disco music and modern electronica trends. Themes of love, dancefloor energy, and party



Austin-based Disco M M M are a band made up of multi-instrumentalists Rachel and Larsen. The two met in the music industry, when Rachel started working at a recording studio and Larsen was hired as an engineer. They soon found they had a lot in common musically, so decided to form a band together.

What is Disco 40M?

Austin-based Disco M M M is a party band that delivers energy and fun live. The foursome consists of three DJs and one drummer, and they specialize in retro disco hits from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Their sets are sure to get you up on your feet and dancing all night long!

How does Disco 40M work?

Disco 40M is a modern day music technology that Austinbased Disco 40M 235M 785M helps DJs mix together tracks in perfect Harmony. Disco 40M uses an algorithm to compare the beats of each track and create seamless mixes.
It’s like having a personal DJ that knows exactly what you want to hear!


Austin-based Disco 40M 235M 785M has announced their upcoming tour in support of their brand new album, which is set to be released on September 8th. If Austinbased Disco 40M 235M 785M you’re a fan of catchy guitar-driven pop songs and want to see them live, now is the time to grab your tickets!

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