Viking Jewelry: What Jewelry Did Viking Men Wear?

Viking Jewelry: What Jewelry Did Viking Men Wear?

When we conjure images of Viking warriors, we often envision fierce, bearded men clad in battle-worn armor, wielding mighty axes and swords, ready to conquer distant lands. While this portrayal holds true to their martial prowess, it fails to shed light on another facet of Viking culture: their affinity for jewelry. Viking men, far from solely concerned with warfare’s rigors, had a distinct sense of style and adornment. In this article, we delve into viking jewelry, focusing on the necklaces they wore to exhibit their unique blend of strength and elegance.

Jewelry that viking men wear

 Here is the detail of the jewlery that viking men wear. This mens viking jewelry is available at the FaithHeart Jewelry that will surely impress you:

Mjolnir Leather Bracelet in Multicolor

The Mjolnir Leather Bracelet from FaithHeart Jewelry is a fascinating piece of Viking jewelry that reflects the strong connection Vikings had with their mythology. At the heart of this bracelet is the Mjolnir, the mythical hammer of Thor. Vikings believed that wearing the symbol of Mjolnir would invoke Thor’s protection and blessings upon them, particularly during battles and perilous journeys.

The Mjolnir Leather Bracelet is designed with a keen eye for aesthetics. It features a small but intricately detailed Mjolnir pendant, handcrafted from various materials, often including silver. The pendant is suspended from a multicolored leather bracelet, adding a touch of rustic charm to the overall design. Viking men would proudly wear this bracelet as a symbol of their faith and a piece of jewelry expressing their unique identity.

Viking Dragon head bracelet

Dragons held a special place in Viking mythology, symbolizing power, protection, and even treasure. The Viking Dragon Bracelet is a testament to Vikings’ respect for these mythical creatures and their desire to incorporate them into their everyday attire.

This bracelet from FaithHeart Jewelry typically features a coiled dragon design with intricate detailing and fierce expressions, showcasing the masterful craftsmanship of Viking artisans. It contains materials like stainless steel, with some versions incorporating gemstones for added allure. Wearing the Viking Dragon Bracelet allowed Viking men to embrace the dragon’s spirit, channeling its strength and tenacity into their lives.

Viking Celtic Wolf Necklace

Wolves, like dragons, held great significance in Viking culture. They were seen as symbols of cunning, survival, and loyalty. The Viking Celtic Wolf Necklace pays homage to these majestic creatures and the virtues they embody.

This necklace typically features a wolf pendant intricately designed with Celtic knotwork, emphasizing the interconnectedness of life and nature. Materials like stainless steel or sterling silver make these pendants, often suspended from leather cords or metal chains. Viking men believed that wearing the Viking Celtic Wolf Necklace FaithHeart Jewelry would imbue them with the wolf’s qualities, making them formidable warriors and wise leaders within their communities.


Viking men were warriors and individuals with a deep appreciation for jewelry that told stories and held symbolic value. As mentioned earlier, the jewelry is just a few examples of the exquisite jewelry they adorned themselves with. These pieces served as adornments and expressions of their spirituality, strength, and connection to the rich tapestry of Viking mythology. As we continue to uncover the mysteries of Viking culture, their jewelry remains a fascinating testament to their multifaceted lives and the enduring allure of their legacy.

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